ICC Configuration

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The following screendumps show the compiler settings for the project.

The 'Project' tab has the default settings.



The 'Paths' tab must be adjusted to reflect your location of the project unless you choose to install it to the root of the C drive as I have. My preference is to separate header, code and output objects into separate folders.



The 'Compiler' settings must include the "__XDP512__" macro. The selected output format includes the symbols required for debugger operation.



The settings in the 'Target' tab that are partially hidden in this view are :

  • Program Memory: 0x4000.0x7FFF:0xC000.0xFFFF
  • Expanded Memory Address: 0x788000.0x7FFFFF
  • Other Options: -dinitrm:0x39 -s2_s12x -bXG_FLASH:0x780800.0x787fff
  • Non-default Startup: crt12initrm.o