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New weather

Climate change is upon all concerned minds.  Tonight I did my Sodoku on the deck wearing a t-shirt at 10pm with Ravel playing.  No bugs.  Just the string quartet in F major.  Too mild to be true.  As a Canadian I know I'll pay for this.  I fear we'll all pay for it.

Change of Canadian federal government is a great relief

Can't help but feel positive.  Things have been terrible for a long time in the country of Canada.  The past 9 years of Harper rule have seemed like a dark ages.  He tried to change the country and unfortunately he succeeded in large measure.  He suceeded in convincing an astonishingly high proportion of the citizens of this country that greed is a virtue, that taxes are

Has to be said...Has to be heard

This harangue from an Irish politician has to be heard.  The Irish have something to say about resolving seemingly intractable political and religious disagreements.

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